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Barracks - Fully Painted

Barracks - Fully Painted

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The Barracks stood tall over Old Town, a constant reminder of the Chieftain's authority. Little was hidden in the streets from those standing watch atop its tower.

This item comes fully painted. Due to this item being hand painted, results may vary from the sample images.

Barracks Roof
Ground Floor
Approx. 11.6"H x 7.1"L x 6.1"W

Hand sculpted by Johnny Fraser-Allen.

 Note from the designer, Johnny Fraser-Allen.
"The design of the Barracks building allowed me to add a lot of mass to the upper floor of the otherwise cramped one beneath. The thought of soldiers needing to be stationed in this thatched tower as part of a rolling watch inspired me to build it up and outward. I endeavoured to break up the standard shapes as much as possible with quirky little editions in the stone structure, such as the rounded window base on the side. The window, with its masonry base, also created visual continuity with the structure below while also allowing it to look great by itself on the tabletop without requiring the ground floor". 

"I always really loved the design of buildings in games like Warcraft and The Settlers and how structures have strong, chunky shape language so players can immediately recognize them from the zoomed-out perspective in gameplay. The Barracks design is very much inspired with that in mind. The idea that there would be multiple Barracks marking the perimeter of a burgeoning settlement to keep it safe from raids was very appealing to me".


Please note: Due to this range being hand painted, results may vary from the sample images. Small imperfections in the models can also occur due to the hand-casting process. 

Shipping note for the Christmas period: Due to our warehouse closing for the Christmas period, any orders placed at this time will be shipped out to customers in the first week of January 2024.

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