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Cottage - Fully Painted

Cottage - Fully Painted

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The Cottage took up little room amongst the surrounding buildings, which towered about it on all sides, but being overlooked suited its current occupant perfectly. 

This item comes fully painted. Due to this item being hand painted, results may vary from the sample images.

Cottage Roof
Small Ground Floor
Approx. 6.1"H x 5.7"L x 5.7"W

Hand sculpted by Johnny Fraser-Allen.

Note from the designer, Johnny Fraser-Allen.
"When sculpting the buildings, I wanted the various building materials to look and feel authentic. I wanted the materials to stand out with simple clarity so that it could be easily understood what each one was made from and, consequently, how each part should be painted once finished".

"This means that the texture of the wood is only ever found on the wood. It would mean that the tiles on the ground are more rounded than the squared-off masonry of the walls. The wattle and daub coat over the walls had much finer cracks and pitting. All of these design and sculptural conclusions were made during the sculpting of this first little Cottage".

Please note: Due to this range being hand painted, results may vary from the sample images. Small imperfections in the models can also occur due to the hand-casting process. 

Shipping note for the Christmas period: Due to our warehouse closing for the Christmas period, any orders placed at this time will be shipped out to customers in the first week of January 2024

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