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Stronghold Ruins - Fully Painted

Stronghold Ruins - Fully Painted

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In its glory days, the Stronghold had joined the Palace via a stone bridge. However, the once magnificent facade and internal grandeur have been sadly eroded by time and neglect. Those who seek its secrets do so, risking their lives to perilous, collapsing masonry and much worse.

3 Ruin Wall Sections
Medium Dungeon Base
Approx. 8.8"H x 10"L x 8.3"W

Hand sculpted by Johnny Fraser-Allen.

Note from the designer, Johnny Fraser-Allen.
"The Dungeons themselves were created to further elevate the scale and playability of the building system of Hagglethorn Hollow. I saw in them a secondary opportunity to make the most out of what had already been created. As a tabletop adventurer myself, ruins are always an exciting place to explore, as well as a coveted landmark to dominate in any tabletop skirmish game. How much work could a couple of ruins be?? Well, it turns out a lot! But all very much worth it. The ruins system adds so much character and intrigue to a tabletop and can also be used for science fiction settings. While building up the towering structures of the two ruins, I saw an opportunity to create a broken walkway between them, allowing both sets to work together as one great ruined Palace". 


Please note: Due to this range being hand painted, results may vary from the sample images. Small imperfections in the models can also occur due to the hand-casting process. 

Shipping note for the Christmas period: Due to our warehouse closing for the Christmas period, any orders placed at this time will be shipped out to customers in the first week of January 2024

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