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Longhouse with Dungeon Base - Fully Painted

Longhouse with Dungeon Base - Fully Painted

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The Longhouse dominates the thatched sea of rustic roofs in Old Town. This is the oldest building in all of Hagglethorn Hollow.

The Longhouse Roof
Large Ground Floor
Large Dungeon Base
Approx. 12.2"H x 12.2"L x 9"W

The Longhouse is also available without the Dungeon Base

Hand sculpted by Johnny Fraser-Allen. 

Note from the designer, Johnny Fraser-Allen.
"The Longhouse gave me another opportunity to work in more rounded shape language while playing with the color and textures between layers. The broader area at the base allowed me to get creative as I built upward and eventually to the chimney it was climbing. The thatch and wood elements aided this by creating interesting breaks in its otherwise hay-bale-like state. While a classic Viking longhouse was a good starting point for the sculpt, there is a noticeable departure from classic Norse construction, which was vital to me as I was creating a fantasy village, not a historical one". 

"As with the other thatch buildings, the challenge was creating a distinctively separate cityscape to explore while still looking at the part next to their tile topper alternates. This was especially crucial for backers with the full set of Hagglethorn Hollow, as it allowed for a cohesive, sprawling city. To give it a more rustic playable option, I designed the Longhouse to sit atop the large dungeon without requiring the ground floor, similar to Meduseld, King Théoden's Hall in the Lord of the Rings"


Please note: Due to this range being hand painted, results may vary from the sample images. Small imperfections in the models can also occur due to the hand-casting process. 

Shipping note for the Christmas period: Due to our warehouse closing for the Christmas period, any orders placed at this time will be shipped out to customers in the first week of January 2024

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