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Wizards Hut - Fully Painted

Wizards Hut - Fully Painted

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The Wizard’s Hut seems to have been grown rather than built. Stone and bracken stack and weave between twisting roots to form this bizarre structure. 

This item comes fully painted. Due to this item being hand painted, results may vary from the sample images.

The Wizards Hut
Approx. 8"H x 6"L x 6"W

Hand sculpted by Johnny Fraser-Allen.

Note from the designer, Johnny Fraser-Allen.
"Before Hagglethorn Hollow was dreamed into existence, I had spent almost a decade of my artistic life creating a fantasy world called "The Gloaming", and the Wizards Hut was an original feature of that world. It was created for the "Gnome Underrealm" diorama. Fortunately, I sculpted it to the same scale as the buildings in Hagglethorn Hollow and with similar aesthetics leaning towards the twisted and whimsical. When it came time to set up the sprawling diorama for the Hagglethorn Hollow Kickstarter shoot, much of my personal gaming terrain made it to the table, including this piece. This Gnomish outpost was repurposed and became an additional building to Hagglethorn Hollow's Wizarding District and would be the very first building revealed in the Kickstarter video".


Please note: Due to this range being hand painted, results may vary from the sample images. Small imperfections in the models can also occur due to the hand-casting process. 

Shipping note for the Christmas period: Due to our warehouse closing for the Christmas period, any orders placed at this time will be shipped out to customers in the first week of January 2024


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